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Pn (pressure)

Т (temperature), °С

Axial check valve DN700

Field of application

Axisymmetric (axial) check valves are designed to protect pipelines and equipment from the impact of the working environment when moving in the opposite direction.   


- the valves are fast-acting and operate in critical systems where the flow direction of the working medium can change very quickly;

-  high throughput;

- low pressure drop. 

Design features

|Large diameter axisymmetric check valve

The closing member is a spring-loaded gate which moves along an axis parallel to the flow. Axisymmetric check valves have a reliable sealed design.

DN, mm
Pp, MPa
Т, С°
D, mm
D1, mm
D2, mm
d, mm
d1, mm
L, mm
h, mm
n, mm
Weight, kg
amk.СV.f.AXIS.700.16.200 700 1,6 200 777 840 910 720 39 500 52 24 725

According to the customer's technical specification, it is possible to manufacture valves of any standard sizes

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