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Valve type

Dn (diameter), mm

Pn (pressure)

Т (temperature), °С

3 way vacuum valveМ

Field of application

3 way vacuum valve DN3 (three-way vacuum valve) is designed for hermetically sealing the medium in vacuum and gas systems.

Design features

The locking element is a needle. Connection to the pipeline - trunnion-flange. Valve needle seal - bellows. Seal in the gate - metal by metal. Control - using the flywheel.

DN, mm
PN, Gpa
Т, С°
d, mm
d1, mm
d2, mm
D, mm
D1, mm
D2, mm
L, mm
H, mm
Dm, mm
Actuator type
Weight, kg
3 way vacuum valveМ 128-58-0031 3 0,0013-1013,2 от -10°С до +90°С 3 20 9 68 56 28 86 91 42 0,57

маховик - сплав алюминия АК 12 (АЛ2);

стакан - сплав алюминия АК 12 (АЛ2);

сильфон - латунь Л80;

корпус - медь М3;

фланец - сталь 3.

3 way vacuum valves 128-58-0031| Picture

3 way vacuum valves 128-58-0031| Picture
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